Cindy Earley's Birth Alaska Natural Childbirth Classes

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Welcome to Birth Alaska!


My name is Cindy Earley and I am a certified childbirth

educator with Informed Beginnings, a doula, and an apprentice

midwife in Anchorage, Alaska.  I have over 19  years of childbirth

education experience, and have taught more than 600 couples. 

I have had six babies, all naturally.  Please call

907-748-3378 or email me for more information about the most

thorough natural childbirth preparation series around. I also

provide doula services for my students, for those who have taken

classes elsewhere, and for those who haven't taken any classes

at all

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Evidence-based Childbirth Education to Prepare you for a Natural, Joyful, Empowering Experience of a Lifetime!

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